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I am humbled and deeply grateful to God for this gift, and for all of the richly talented souls who have written songs, played instruments, engineered, and lent their voices to this labor of love.


Then there are those of you who gently encourage me to continue, to finish the work, believing for me, when I couldn't for myself. To each of you I am eternally grateful.


To my fellow travelers on the road to recovery, I chose this collection of songs for you! I pray that your burden is lessened as you walk into the light, and that your days are filled with fellowship, healing, love, laughter, and service blessings too. Please believe that you are deserving of such comforts. Please don’t give up until you find your miracle. My heart is with you.


My love goes out to you all. - Kim

Featuring - Wes Little, Marco Giovino, Bruce Guttridge, Brian Allen, Frank Swart, Mike Waldron, Pat Bergeson, Pat Buchanan, Kenny Vaughan, Roy Agee, Marcia Ramirez, Britt Savage, Matt Dame


Engineers - Rob Matson, Bruce Guttridge, Mick Conley

Mixed and mastered by Rob Matson

Recorded at County Q, Nashville TN

Artwork by Wayne Brezinka
Designed by Brown Dog Nashvillle

Produced by Kim Parent